DVC Pricing

We've just seen a price increase in the online add-on tool for Copper Creek, Hilton Head, and Vero Beach.

Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge has just had an increase in price by $5 up to $225 per point. It's been about a year since a price increase here.

Screenshot of Hilton Head price card

Addtionally, Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort has just had their pricing increase by $5 as well up to $140 per point. It's been at least a year since Disney increased the direct purchase price too.

Screenshot of Vero Beach price card

Similarly, Disney's Vero Beach Resort had it's price increased by $5 up to $125 per point.

This only increases lifetime cost by that $5 per point, or $500 for a 100 point contract. This is still relatively small compared to the estimated $34,456 for Hilton Head and $39,297 for Vero Beach that you'll spend on dues for the same 100 point contract.

The community often make a lot of initial price increases, but the annual dues increases more greatly affect the total amount of money you'll pay over the lifetime of your contract.

Finally, we haven't seen price increases at Animal Kingdom, Boulder Ridge, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, and Grand Floridian in about the same time frame as the above resorts. Perhaps they are next for price increases?

- Chris M

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