About Me

October 29, 2019

My name is Chris Marshall. I live just outside of Cleveland, OH with my wife and daughter. I grew up in Naples, FL during the time before Disney World, and all the parks in general, became as popular as they are today.

The less than four hour drive and deep Florida resident discounts made trips a regular treat growing up. Some memorable trips include celebrating my mom's birthday at the then brand-new Wilderness Lodge and $99 per night at the newly opened Grand Floridian.

After a brief hiatus through my broke college years, my wife and I have been visiting Disney World at least annually. My wife and I were fortunate enought to work Disneyland Paris into our European vacation for our 5th wedding anniversary.

In 2019, we took our seven month old daughter for her first Disney World trip. Magical doesn't even begin to describe it and we haven't even scratched the surface of how much she'll enjoy trips as she grows up (here you don't have to).

Our family recently joined the Disney Vacation Club. We're looking forward to renewing our vows after ten years in the Wedding Pavilion and many more years of stays at many resorts in the Most Magical Place on Earth.


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